Accounting & Back Office Management

The SKA Team was originally constituted with the object of providing manual accounting services as far back as in its year 1993. With advent of time M/s S. K. Agarwal & Co has taken over this section of SKA Team and looks after accounting and back-office management services.
Providing the following services :
•    Maintenance of day-to-day books of accounts - manually and electronically.
•    Advisory services in maintenance of accounts.
•    Internal control of accounts.
•    Preparation of assessment details.
•    Preparation, management and analyses inputs, outputs and stocks.
•    Preparation of final reports.
•    Back Office Management of Entities.
•    Training of Human Resources.
•    Managing and preparing Human Resource Policies.
•    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Business Re-organisation.
•    Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances.
•    Banking & Finance.
•    Regulatory Compliances.
•    Legal & Secretarial Due Diligence.
•    Real Estate agreements.
•    Contracts/Agreements and other Legal Documents Review.

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