A Step Towards Self-Employment

Due to socio economics differences and lack of employment opportunities, people remain unemployed. These people have hidden talents and due to lack of opportunities they are not being able to showcase it. A step towards its social responsibility, SKA Team, has started the socialistic venture ‘A Step towards Self Employment.’
This section is managed by Ms. Rupa Devi Agarwala, a similar talented housewife, who like many others did not get the opportunity to showcase her talent. Under her leadership we have certain items which you can order for, at our homepage.

•    Promoting Self-employment.
•    Helping people to indulge handicraft and similar activities.
•    Helping in selling/marketing their products.
•    Participating in different exhibitions.

You may reach Ms. Rupa Devi Agarwala at earn@skaonline.in