Micro and Project Finance

This division is being run by of Mr. Mahabir Agarwal, Ex- Sr. Vice President Finance, Greenply Industries Limited. He is a commerce graduate from University of Calcutta (India). He is well versed in banking norms.

He provides the following services:
•    Analyzing business/corporate plans.
•    Study and thorough-check of plans/reports.
•    Analytical Review of plans.
•    Preparation of projects reports.
•    Critical Analysis of requirements/utilisation of funds.
•    Assistance in procurement of funds for projects based on the above analysis.
•    Providing assistance starting from the formulation of plans to funding and accounting.
•    Procurement of initial funds - liquid fund and raw-material suppliers.
•    Market research
•    Site selection
•    Due diligence
•    Property acquisition
•    Construction
•    Lease Agreements or Deeds / Sale Agreements or Agreements
•    Attorney Consultation.
•    Other connected matters

You may reach Mr. Mahabir Agarwal at mahabir@skaonline.in